Top 3 Dog Training Equipment You Need in 2017

Training a dog may seem tedious even to a dog enthusiast like Gary Shmerling; however, if you do it consistently and with the aid of the best dog training methods, you can help your pet become obedient and reliable. Moreover, if you make use of the most appropriate training tools, you can expect to enjoy favorable results. Fortunately, you can find a lot of tools and equipment that can easily facilitate an effective dog training endeavor.

Training should be dealt with earnestly. You need to be aware of the basics, particularly when it comes to the training tools and equipment needed. If you are new to the world of dog training, then here are the following tools which can help you and your furry friend get along well as you both go through the process:

Collars and Leashes

Dog collars have many uses. Basically, it is used for identification; it’s like a name tag for pets. Most dogs, some are required, have collars with their names or any form of identification on it. Leashes are usually attached to the collars. If you and your four-legged companion go out for a walk in the park, it is a must that you utilize a leash to prevent him/her from running away or jumping at strangers.

Leashes and collars are your best tools for dog obedience or basic training. The right collar for your dog can help you take control during training. Collars are available depending on the dog’s age, personality or characteristics, level of training, and type of activity. Determine which type of collar and leash can greatly provide control and security. Nowadays, you can get a hold of digital collars where various features can help you achieve effective and fun training.


Clickers as well as bells are your means of giving various signals for your dog to pick up during training. A clicker is a device that produces clicking sounds when squeezed or clicked. Clickers serve as a marker that you have given a command and that your dog has followed your instructions every time a clicking sound has been made. It’s also your dog’s way of identifying his/her actions, your reactions and responses. When your dog gets used to it, you can also make use of it to call your dog’s attention.


It is quite unavoidable for your dogs to chew, bark and bite during obedience training. In fact, many dogs can’t get rid of such behaviors. Thus, if your dog is stubborn, it is wise that you have a muzzle in store so you can take control and have your dog behave. Muzzles are dog equipment you can use to cover the mouth so the annoyance of listening to barking can be reduced and the risks of biting or chewing can be prevented.

Overall, dog training needs some effort from you. Use the tips we have shared in this article to get started or look at alternatives such as best wireless dog fence reviews to learn more.

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